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Guest Starring on Modern Family

What a blast it was to get to work with Ty Burrell and Sofia Vegara. In this episode, I play a mall photographer who takes himself a bit too seriously, considers himself an Artist, and gets in the way of Gloria's dream of revitalizing her modeling career. The cast and crew were incredible. Big thanks to my team as well as Jeff Greenberg and Allan Hooper for bringing me.



Recurring on USA Network's Colony

Chad Coe Recurs as Dawson on the highly anticipated new show for USA. Colony is an upcoming American drama television series created by Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal. A ten-episode first season will premiere on USA Network on January 14, 2016. Directors: Nelson McCormick, Scott Peters.




Netflix Cheaters - Front Page of Funny or Die

Over 5,000 views and counting Netflix Cheaters has been highlighted on the front page of Funny or die and has been licensed by Katz Broadcasting for their new channel LAFF. This idea started out of watching a show with a loved one and just knowing they have watched ahead. Now you can prove it and catch them in the act. Have you been Netflix Cheated on?



Recurring on Matador

Through Betty Mae Casting I was fortunate enough to book a recurring role on Robert Rodriguez's new show  Matador for the El Rey Network. I was able to work with Alfred Molina and James Callis as well as many others. The energy on set was incredible and I was treated so kindly and respectfully.

Chad Coe








Don't Trust the B-in APT 23

Chad Coe plays a scorned Neighbor on the hit NBC show. Bryan Cranston stops by to weigh in on this B— in APT 23. 






A World Premiere play by Joshua Ravetch

Chad Coe is Herbert a marketing executive who is suffering PTSD from his time playing Goofy at Disneyland.

TEN MARKETING EXECUTIVES labor to sell the first lightbulb that will not burn out. Unscrupulous, determined, ambitious, they come up with a campaign that makes this product the most successful in American business, even debuting with a lavish press event at Hoover Dam. But the unintended consequences of "success" are both tragic and hilarious, even shocking, as this group maneuvers deftly through the intersection where MAD MEN meets IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD in, "THE LIGHTBULB."





The Founding

In the stylized film The Founding, Chad Coe  plays a cyborg Alexander Hamilton amongst a cast of characters that includes George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Ravere, Queen Elizabeth and many others.