A passion Followed

Q:  Where are you from?
A:   Detroit

Q:  What are you most proud of?
A:   Well my mom would say it's when I was voted most likely to brighten your day in Highschool.

Q:  Are you close with your mom?
A:  Well she raised me by herself and I was a handful so yeah that women is a saint. 

Q:  Where does your humor come from?
A:   In my family to open your mouth you had to be funny so I would sit and watch why jokes worked and basically developed my timing. 

Q:   Do you believe Humor comes from pain?
A:   I had a learning disability when I was young so to contribute I needed to make people laugh. So I would say yes...Hopefully I have adjusted since then.

Q:  What motto or rules do you live by?
A:   For me life is about Interpretation and Appreciation. The only diffrence from the biggest award and the "That a boy" is we think one means more than the other. When I saw a marble counter tops for the first time I asked my friend what they were and he didnt see what I was talking about. I try to remember the Marble Counter tops.



The History

Chad Coe, the youngest of two was raised by his single mother in Detroit, MI. He most recently can be seen recurring on USA's highly anticipated new show "Colony" debuting this fall. Previously he recurred in Robert Rodriguez's show "Matador" for the El Rey Network and submitted his feature "Hart" to the Sundance Film Festival Screenwriters Lab. Chad has worked in television, film, commercials, and has performed on the legendary stage at the Kennedy Center.

Before acting Chad was an accomplished basketball player earning a scholarship to play in college. After an illness derailed his basketball career, he chanced upon an acting class and his life has never been the same since.

In addition to acting, Chad has been the head designer for a clothing company, has owned a camera rental company, and has recently released his first art collection titled, "The Legend Within."